Your Soul is the Key to Your Success!

Dr. Price discovered the soul has a technology of its own that affects success. The hindrances most people face trying to overcome life’s odds are buried in the soul. Few humans realize the role their soul’s mysteries plays in life’s pursuits and conquests. Dr. Price’s expertise on this and many other topics delivers doable wisdom that unlocks the secrets to why some people win with ease, and others recycle setbacks whenever they try. She will inform and enthuse your audience as she decrypts soul enigmas and unveils why and how life happens the way it does. 


How to's, step by step, goals setting are all strategies that the world has utilized.  The real "secret " to "success" is  found in the technology of the SOUL!  A new decade brings in new technology as such, the soul needs new solutions, new strategies and new technologies for success. Dr. Paula A. Price, the Soulologist has the new technology for the success of the soul for the new decade!

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March 16, 2020

What You Will Learn From This Exclusive Webinar:

  • How people succeed from the inside-out?

  • Why your soul is more than your mind?

  • Ways you pre-determine your successes and failures?

  • What put your soul in an SOS state?

  • How to turn off failures and turn on success?

  • What are the keys to unlock your soul codes?

  • Recognizing your soul's signaling systems?

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Weekly Webinar Dates:

Access your webinar via your phone or computer every Monday for 4 weeks! 

March 16th

"The Soul and Will"
Part One
Session One

March 23rd 

"The Soul and Will"
Part Two
Session Two

March 30th

"Origins and Consequences
Part One"
Session Three

April 6th

"Origins and Consequences"
Part Two
Session Four