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Dr. Paula Price

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Community Leader Dr. Paula Price Running for Republican State

Committee Person at Saturday’s Republican Party of Tulsa County

Convention in Broken Arrow

“With threats to our democracy, human rights, and economy we face a crisis on multiple

fronts, and the only way to steer things back in the right direction is to have people

running for office that are not afraid to stand on their conservative values and morals.”


—Dr. Paula Price, Pastor of The Congregation of the Mighty in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Press Release: The KAIROS Company for Dr. Paula Price

Feb. 25, 2021


TULSA— This Saturday, February 27th, The Republican Party of Tulsa County will hold a convention to elect new leadership. Dr. Paula Price proudly announced her candidacy for Tulsa County State Committee Person.


While representing the Republican party, Dr. Price is also a bestselling author, the President of Price University, the host of her own international TV program, “Taking IT on with Paula Price” and oversees The Congregation of the Mighty in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Price is considered one of the most dynamic multi-faceted thought leaders of this generation as a speaker, author, talk show host, inventor, and minister.


She has been the recipient of Who's Who Among American Women, The Certificate of Statesmanship from ICHANGENATIONS and Kingdom Congressional International Alliance and serves as a Goodwill Ambassador.


Dr. Price expressed the importance of this election:

“With threats to our democracy, human rights, and economy we face a crisis on multiple fronts, and the only way to steer things back in the right direction is to have people running for office that are not afraid to stand on their conservative values and morals. So, I decided to run for State Committee Person because in order to effect change; you have to be in a seat that allows you to have a voice to be able to make a change.”

Darren Gantz, Tulsa County Chairman Candidate, stated his enthusiasm for Dr. Price’s candidacy:

“I met with Dr. Price at a meeting when Vice President Pence came to Tulsa in conjunction with President Trump’s rally here and I was so impressed. Her life embodies much of what today’s Republican party is all about—belief in the power of individuals taking personal responsibility to achieve and succeed, commitment to limited government, and a moral compass guided by faith.”  

Saturday’s convention is on track to be the largest Tulsa has seen in several years. Dr. Price’s campaign manager Makeda Thompson said,

“I have received a great deal of positive feedback from citizens of Tulsa who are excited about Dr. Price’s candidacy. Many of them know who she is and they are happy she is running for Tulsa County State Committee Person. Since announcing Dr. Price’s candidacy, registrations for the convention have over doubled and I credit this to her announcement.”

To participate in the convention you must:

  • Be a registered Republican voter in Tulsa County with your voter ID. If you aren’t registered to vote you can register via the OK Voter Portal. Because the convention is this weekend, you will need to drop off your registration in person at Tulsa County Election Board 555 N. Denver Ave. Tulsa, OK 74103-1014

  • Register for the County Convention at The cost is $30 and includes lunch or $20 without.


To interview Dr. Paula Price, contact Ashton Compton at


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Featured Article: The Christian Post and The Black Christian News

Nov 22, 2020

Dr. Paula A. Price: 5 Keys to Healing the Soul of our Nation

When people ask me what I do, I’ve taken to describing myself as a “soulologist.” It’s much better than telling them I’m a pastor. As you might imagine that tends to shut down conversation pretty quickly. But “soulologist” is a word they’ve never heard before, and they’re curious to learn more.

As a “soulologist,” I view and touch the soul the way God created it with the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. When people — and nations — have healthy souls, they can think differently and live powerfully.

When the soul of a nation is strong, it’s because its citizens unite, and each person’s soul becomes one with the other in the land. What happens to one happens to all. America’s motto on its coins — and its deep aspiration — says it best: “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one.

Today’s America is further from this than at any time in its history because the America that declared it — the American envisioned by our Founding Fathers — no longer exists. Instead, its melting pot rages and fumes at its very existence, and the soul of our nation becomes ever more divided and feeble.

So, what will it take to heal our nation’s struggling soul? I believe there are five keys.

1. Leaders must take the lead and define precisely the America of today. Until then, treating the soul of our nation is dubious at best. We can’t treat the patient until we diagnose the patient. As with any entity, a household, city, company or nation, it all begins with the leaders, the thinkers, the social engineers, the problem solvers and the visionaries.

2. Leaders must take the lead in recruiting, teaching, training, empowering and commissioning change agents. We must identify the changers committed to America’s healing and restoration. Leaders who conceive change hold power to achieve it by begetting change agents. If leadership is from the head down, then so are people’s answers and solutions.

But America must first find the leaders that want it healed — not the ones laboring for its failure, whether intentional or not. Many calling for the healing of the soul of our nation are peddling ideas that will cause the downfall of our country. These are the destroyers and destabilizers, the ones who must be rooted out to overturn the schemes and tactics sickening the nation’s soul and perforating the land state by state.

3. Leaders must take the lead in peacemaking. Manipulated anger, riotous rages, and anarchy must be replaced with mediation, arbitration and peacemaking. Dissent can be registered without violence and destruction. Given today’s motivational climate, some type of incentive may be needed to induce dissenters to come to the table instead of taking to the streets.

SOURCE: The Christian Post – Dr. Paula A. Price

President Donald Trump Stands for the Hope that Breeds Greatness and Permanence 

Statement from Dr. Paula A. Price, Ph.D. 

Nov 4, 2020


Zechariah 9:12 declares, “Turn to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope; even today do I declare that I shall restore double to you.” This election year is decidedly about the hope in America’s soul. America’s 2020 elections can restore our country’s hope or embolden our destroyers. November voting will safeguard America’s success or permit its surrender. 


Plots to overtake a nation start with first breaking its soul. That begins with destroying its hope. To take down any country, one has to devastate its people’s confidence in it.  


Our country is in a faith fight. What makes it a faith fight more than a political one is its stalker’s resolve. Those who want our nation to survive and thrive are on hope’s side — these are its guardians and protectors. Those that want our nation to die are on death’s side.  


What voters must realize is that both sides have faith.  


Both have hope for this country’s future, and both believe in their plans for that future. One side pursues life — the other peddles death. Although the ballot booth is the decider, countries outlive their presidencies and must constantly overcome their destructive forces.  


So putting the life affirmer in office secures our existence.  


The destroyers of America’s hope pummel on our country’s future with relentless hopelessness tactics. From lab-made diseases — COVID-19 to lost jobs and businesses to furloughing our children’s education, doomsday campaigns drilled panic into our very souls.  


Politics may be the reason for the upcoming election, but the campaigning is not about party lines or public offices. It is about paralyzing our hope. All that we lived and suffered this year can be summed up in one word: hopelessness.  


You see, the soul pumps a land’s lifeblood, crushing its hope strangles it. To wipe out a nation’s future, destroyers oppress a people’s soul, what is happening to us now. Every day the hope thieves incite horrifying riots, fuel political plots and even murders, and spark anarchic rampages designed to terrify us. Devious schemes seek to kill our hope with grief, evictions and unemployment. America’s enemies shred its hope to cripple its soul and make it ripe for the taking. Slaughterers pound distrust into us, mandating ridiculous masks to remind us incessantly how impotent we have become. 


Providentially, though, we still have plenty of “hopers” in the land ready to recapture what hopelessness surrenders. “Hopers” stand and fight rather than give up their passions and pursuits. Where hopelessness welcomes defeat as relief, the “hopers” overcome evil with courage and conviction.  


Today America’s soul is fractured, and its dreams shattered. Sickness, sorrow, and humiliation strive to convince us to lay down and die; the hopeful refuse to do so. What we suffered and lost this year to predatory agendas threw our country’s hope into despair. But no matter what our faiths or differences, most of us still hope for the future, what this election is about, and it may well be the last time we get to vote for either.  


Souls prosper through hope—and President Donald Trump stands for the hope that breeds greatness and permanence. I cannot fathom what it’s like for our president to withstand the onslaughts of the hopeless and the purveyors of fear and faithfully shoulder its people’s hope, often thanklessly. Yet that is what he does and has done.  


Two “faithers” are running for president this year. What you just read says who is running for our hope and who’s running for our nation’s death. No speech can tell us better what we witnessed and lived this election year. As we come down to the final days, we prisoners of hope must vote for our nation’s soul. And our work does not stop on Election Day. Once our president is reelected, we must keep up the pressure until he is sworn in to convince our adversaries we are committed to our nation’s future and its hope. 


Press Release: The KAIROS Company for Dr. Paula Price

Oct. 26, 2020



Dr. Paula Price & Apostle Howard Hatcher Hold Panel Discussion with Local Sheriffs as Part of Color Free America Initiative to Encourage Crime Free Neighborhoods and Color Free Schools


“It’s time we as minorities take responsibility for our own neighborhoods and work with law enforcement.” 
— Dr. Paula Price, Pastor of Congregation of the Mighty in Bixby, Oklahoma


TULSA —Color Free America, an initiative committed to bringing together neighborhoods and law enforcement for the purpose of creating crime-free neighborhoods and color-free schools, held a panel discussion October 18 at Kingdom Keys Church. Panelists included:

  • Dr. Paula Price, Apostle of Congregation of the Mighty in Bixby, Oklahoma, Chancellor of Price University, and host of the popular television program, “Taking It on with Paula Price.”

  • Apostle Howard Hatcher, founder of Color Free America and Apostle of International Outreach Ministry and Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • Sheriffs Vic Regalado, Coy Jenkins, Jon Sappington and Scott Walton from Tulsa and Rogers county.

Color Free America is an initiative to create reconciliation between communities and law enforcement and getting them on the same page to end color bias in schools, crime in neighborhoods, and lack of appreciation and understanding for the difficult, dangerous, and necessary work of law enforcement.


Reflecting on the meeting, Dr. Price noted:

“I first became acquainted with Apostle Hatcher and the vision of Color Free America when we both attended a listening session in Tulsa with Vice President Pence in June. I have long said that it’s time we as minorities take responsibility for our own neighborhoods and work with law enforcement. Color Free America is the initiative that could finally make it happen.”

Hatcher, who is a keynote speaker at Dr. Price’s 2020 Global Apostolic Summit in November, said:

"Frankly put, it’s going to take all of us to fix the problems of racism and division. The “us” against “them” must cease if our children are to inherit a future that is not in shambles. The legacy of love leaves hope wherever possible for future generations to remember us by.”

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