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Why I Don't Do Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is a great day for sellers, and sadly seducers, so I’m not in favor of celebrating it. Scripture and history give practical and spiritual reasons why Valentine’s Day contradicts our faith in Jesus Christ. The greatest of all reasons it does so is the first commandment where God declares “I am the Lord your God, and you shall have no other gods before me.”

When I got saved, Jesus wasted no time letting me know what that means to Him, and for me. Hours of Scripture study and deep communion taught me how to reverence more than merely relate to our Heavenly Father. And it all began with putting God first, something millions of Christians claim but few know how to do. His idea of coming first and humans’ idea of it is drastically different, not because they don’t want to or mean it when they claim it. Most fail to understand what putting God first involves. It doesn't just mean “ahead of or in front of us and everything else.” It also means converting our world and passions to what makes Him foremost and highest in our everyday existence. Celebrating Valentine’s Day prevents such a heart vow, no matter how sincere and passionate that one may be about it. The reason is its deity. Valentine’s Day serves a false god, one of the fallen angels the Lord banished from His sanctuary and thus His world.

To worship an accursed being as one of His children is idolatry in God’s book. Celebrating anything that offers a “false god”, or an “idol” worship and homage sends the wrong message to our Redeemer Jesus Christ. No matter how superficial we mean it to be, worshipping any other God but the one that saved us contradicts our faith in the presence of His visible and invisible beings; that is, angels and humans. Here are other practical reasons that make our point.

The first is the message Christ’s church sends. The implications of churches celebrating Valentine's Day as if it’s a God-ordained Christian holiday is misleading and corruptive. It suggests Jesus assigned the holiday to the church as one of His rituals or worst yet, His sacraments. Both are untrue. One may take issue with Christmas or Easter, but the fact is the God of creation did incarnate and die and rise again. The death culture of Valentine’s day can never compare or compete with these two realities, and make no mistake about it, February 14th may commemorate a real event. It just commemorates death; not the life our Savior brought to the planet. His victory over death is why we have Christianity on the earth today. That brings me to the second reason why I am not in favor of churches promoting or celebrating Valentine’s Day. The practice of having their singles group take trips together, or spend a romantic evening together feeds a demonic ritual. One concocted and peddled by a fallen angel masquerading as a deity.

Look at what Cupid, the god of love means. He is the Roman god of passionate love. His name comes from the Latin Cupido, a personification of  "desire, love, passion;" from cupere "to desire" (see also cupidity). Cupid is identified with the Greek Eros. Cupid's bow as a shape, especially of lips, is from 1858.” See Etymology of Cupid. Encouraging the loveless or lovelorn to perform erotic rituals sends a message that gives them license to “have a sexy good time” with the sanction of Almighty God. When we are in reality thrusting them into the seductions of His enemy. This ritual begets single-parent babies born at the end of the year. One of the many fallouts of serving a sexual deity rather than the God of our salvation.

When a church backs something, they do so as the Living God’s representative. As a representative of the Godhead, what message are we sending by encouraging Christ’s members' involuntary worship of angels? See Colossians 2:18. Paul warns against this sort of trickery from seducing spirits. Many churches preach all year long their singles should be holy and celibate, except on February 14th. Then they are pushed into the perverse opposite. To convince them, we adopt Cupid’s warm, fuzzy illusions, nudity, or sexy attire that outfits them for the fertility rite. Token gifts include flowers, and boxes of high calory chocolates (that no one needs). These prime the soul for the ritual sex offering. Ecclesially, it’s like giving our singles a once a year, abandon your-celibacy card. If they kept themselves pure all year, they are rewarded with a consequence-free night of carnal revelry. And it is no better for married people. They too are sucked into the ceremony as a way to spice up or revive their union. As if a single day could make up for a year’s worth of difference or neglect. Think about how many couples renew their vows on Valentine's Day to Cupid, snatching their union from Jesus Christ. I am of the persuasion that if you’re married, you do not need a special day fix or invigorate your union. You have 365 days to do so, should you desire to.

Relying on a single day in the year, or two others, birthdays and anniversaries to repair your marriage is very misrepresentative at the least. If a married person withholds their spousal love and appreciation once a year, that person is knocking on the door of divorce court. Moreover, a married couple believing they need to go to a hotel to spice up their marital intimacy should start with redecorating their bedroom for a long-term cure. Not rely on annual filings in strange environments to work things out. Retailers and innkeepers are who mainly benefit from this approach. No matter how pleasant it may be, it still depends largely on physical acts to fix heart and soul troubles. For example, many married people's living rooms, dining rooms, or family rooms look better than their bedrooms. Perhaps it is the “elephant in the marriage” that is damaging it. Many family areas are more inviting than their bedrooms. In speaking to the brothers on this point, I urge you to gather some money and create a haven for you and your wife’s love life. Please make sure you know her tastes. Fuse both your ideas and appetites. Likewise, you wives. Make your bedroom a palace for your marriage’s greatest stronghold, intimacy. The money and effort put into work on your marriage all year long from the inside to the inside out will make both of you glad you did.

To sum it up, historically, Valentine’s Day started as a Roman holiday. The original purpose of February 14 sought to set aside a day to honor the birds that found their mates. Humans were to imitate those birds’ courtship rituals. That’s why we have the “birds and the bees.” Valentine’s Day promotes this ancient ritual despite humans being made in the image and likeness of our God. Isn’t it ludicrous that humans seek lessons from birds on how you meet and mate? Ancient people worshipped for two reasons: warfare or fertility. So, as the holiday evolved, Valentine's Day resumed its worship of fertility gods in the modern age. Think about how its modern form reaches back to the Greeks’ practice of it. Here’s a good article that underscores God’s problem with Cupid and Valentine’s Day: Cupid Mismatches Lovers. Early accounts say a distraught lover killed his beloved and began to celebrate her blood—the red color. The story has morphed a great deal since it was first told to seduce Christians into worshipping its deity. One of the holiday’s customs was to have the names of Roman girls written on slips of paper and placed into jars. Each young man would draw a girl's name from the jar, and they would be partners for the duration of the festival. Sometimes the pairing of children lasted an entire year, then somebody else would pull your name out of the jar. Notice there’s nothing about a guy's jar. Only girls and women. This article underscores the point: The Truth About Valentine's day.

On February 14, you had to pick your mate because, by February 15, you had to be ready for the next phase of the ritual that involved the equivalent of a hotel room. Today, hotels have a package for you to exercise the entire ritual and they are happy to take your money to accommodate it. Over the years, the Romans adopted more gods. Greek mythology took over. Cherubs eventually became associated with Aphrodite, often as her son. If you’ve studied mythology, you know that Aphrodite stood for love, pleasure, passion, and procreation.  Her symbol was a rose. Back then, they just kept adding new gods and changing their names. They gave us the pagan fertility sacraments that today celebrates Valentine’s Day. We have today—a card with a cherub on it commemorating and idolizing their ancient god. We have a red rose, a red heart, all of which stands for blood sacrifice. However, it doesn’t stand for the sacrifice Jesus made for our salvation.

Let’s go back to Scripture. God said we shall not have any gods before him. And we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free. We need to know the truth about this pagan ritual. Like Santa, which I’m also not in favor of, this ritual is so baked into our culture that we’re numb to it. A fallen angel courting, wooing, and seducing a mortal woman is a ritual that we’re supposed to reenact annually reeks of Genesis 6 sons of God, daughters of men. Women today feel left out if they’re not courted, wooed, and seduced, that is intentional and ingrained. Christianity’s Jesus is love doctrine is perverted as fallen angels are prone to do. When you see His love tied to sex, lust, and “hooking up” you should know that it is Eros, Cupid, Aphrodite, or one of the other false gods at work. They go back to Scripture’s Baal and Asherah and a long line of others that force premarital and sex. The push to institutionalize it with our children today harks back to the little girl’s names in the jar so that corrupt males can satisfy the unclean spirits they patronize. It is the same with little boys. Here’s a link for Cupid: Cupid's Backstory. Also read about Cupid’s soul tie to Psyche (another deity): Cupid and Your Soul.

Romance, the emotion that urges and embeds Valentine’s day in your psyche you should know is divination. That is how and why it has such a grip on humans. The Etymology Online Dictionary defines the suffix ‘mance’ from ‘mancy’ as a form of divination. Occultists have all sorts of mancies or mantics if you will that find their roots in Rome’s fertility rituals. Romance is inspired by its plethora of gods. See this for yourself: Romance is Divination. None of what Valentine’s Day stands for is created by Jesus Christ. Nor is it passed on to those He begets again by His Father’s Spirit.

The goal of this article is not to condemn you. What it seeks to do is help you realize that this ritual was invented for pagan people, not for Christ’s seed, the Christian. Sometimes when we call things what they are, we better shed a brighter light on them, uncovering the Lord’s reasons for opposing them. As a woman, you may well feel you want somebody to take you out for a free dinner that you reciprocate with sex. As a man, a night to celebrate your unrestricted manliness with may seem appealing. But the truth is, nothing really good comes out of Valentine's Day. Singles tempted by it feel letdown the day after; particularly since many of them are frequently dumped the day after. Furthermore, Valentine’s Day is useless to married people who use it to avoid confronting and repairing marriages because they evaded taking care of business every other day of the year. And as far as Christians go, Valentine’s Day is just one more way to seduce you into a culture increasingly hostile to our faith. If you’re married, celebrate today and every day together. If you’re single, curl up with a glass of tea, read Colossians chapter 1, and be grateful that whom the Son set free is free indeed. Live free as a child of God’s truth.

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