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Spirit-Filled Minister Shares Mother's Day Letter to Her Daughters

My dear daughters, here are a few tips I found to strengthen and promote me in life. I pray they help you to "Think Differently, Life Powerfully."

Develop your lifelong womanhood self. Every little girl has a vision of herself as a woman. She designs her womanhood with her playthings. She becomes mommy, sister, aunt and friend—sometimes her teachers and at other times celebrities. When she enters womanhood, she is a mix of all she likes, but usually finds she dislikes herself. That is when she drops everyone she thought to be and finds herself as she was born to be. Build yourself based on yourself.

Adore what makes you unique: Adore yourself is another way of saying love yourself. Before you hate what others criticize and condemn about you, find out if what they dislike is meant to be what will benefit the world and reproduce a wonderfulness that your critics have yet to understand. Don't throw away or bury the yet-to-be perfected parts of you because others cannot see beneath its surface.

Understand with your heart and your head. Refuse to surrender your intelligence to your emotions. Think with your heart and your mind to get all sides of matters you face and those you want to help others work through in their lives. Love with your heart, but use your head's wisdom to confirm who and what is worthy of your love.

Govern your soul; it guards your heart. Discover what best governs your world. Life does not have to spiral out of your control. Anticipate the cycles that bless and try you. Separate the real from the imagined to figure out what about you keeps repeating. Learn how to stop those who harm and hinder you by using your will to guard and overcome obstacles. To outwit your adversaries, exploit opportunities.

Heal the brokenhearted. You don't have to be a medical professional to heal the brokenhearted or understand diseases to relieve suffering. You have within you what it takes to bring relief and comfort to others. Hear the tears beneath the laughter. Listen for the pain under the resolve. You know what these feel like; you have felt it all yourself. Say a prayer, whether you know a sufferer or not. Speak warmth and encouragement to those you meet, and don't be put off by their responses. Words have power, and yours will work if some sufferers refuse to hear.

Touch lives with the best of you. And surrender to God what you feel is the worst of you. Give him your weaknesses, fears, doubt and unbelief and let Him replace them with the powerful reasons he made you who you are. Be thankful. It is the most potent gift you can give those who appreciate you. Thankfulness has a mysterious way of dignifying and empowering others.

Empathize with others' burdens. Sympathy is good because it shows how we hurt when others do. Empathy is more potent because it says we know what they are going through from the inside out. Empathy moves us to feel and act, to help fix for others what was or could not be fixed for us. If you need favor, do favors. If you need miracles be one for others. Store up the kindness that sees, feels and acts for the good of others.

Release hurts and pains that hinder your greatness. Because you are destined by God to win, conquer. Let nothing stand in the way of it. Forgive yourself and everyone else in your life. Let go of the past to accomplish your future. Refuse to waste good emotions on dead issues. If you must repent, then repent. If you must apologize and forgive, do so. If you must repair or make reparations, don't be afraid to do it. Your future is worth much more to you than your past pains or failures. Unshackle it from unworthy memories and free it to lift you out of despair.

Serve with a servant's heart. Nothing on earth happens without serving. Those who do not serve are usually idle and bored with life without knowing why. Give of yourself, and others will give to you. Don't expect returns in the moment, but know that they will come to you when you need them most. Pour your generosity, concern and care on the world. Before you leave it, it will thank you for your love.

God bless you, my daughters. Let God's love and grace adorn you and His gifts and talents define you. Let His models direct your path and your actions.

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