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How to Rescue Our State, Our Nation, Our People Part 2

Question: Are We Defenders or Surrenderers?

Dr. Paula Price

Continuing the previous article on the 2022 elections, I want to start by saying Oklahoma is a wonderful state, a wonderful place to call home. That is why I feel pressed to talk to its voters about the upcoming elections, beginning with the party wars it is suffering. Besides that, I want to impress upon you how vital thinking voters are to its future and that of our nation. Oklahoma, as I am told, is the pulsive heartbeat and perhaps a main artery of our nation’s stability. Not just because of religion is this so but because of its stance on liberty and righteousness. To dethrone the power stealthily shredding us voters in the upcoming elections must step away from favored candidates, maniacal campaigns, and ruthless agendas because this year we must vote for our state’s and our land’s prosperous perpetuity. This election cannot in the classic sense of the word be like the others before. The ones where we voted with our eyes closed and our hearts aflame with personal agendas and a history that hid political hostility from us. This election season is a do or die one, where we vote to rescue our state and our nation or surrender to the invaders convinced they have us in their grip. Remember this and repeat the question to yourself whenever a question or concern about the state of our nation, and our own state comes to mind. Thoughtfully ask yourself if you are committed to rescuing our land or resigned to its surrender. Because that is the power you hold in your hands. However, like an expiring benefit or privilege, it is only potent until November. After that you get to dive into our state and country’s restoration or pack up and prepare to be enslaved to another.

The rescue or surrender of our state and ultimately our nation can only be aided by choosing unity over ideology. The question is do we voters really know the warfare as a collective? It is only a matter of current events, or does go further back than that as we have not factored its origins or advancement before now? Such question in themselves is a call to action. Actions that pool our strengths and forces to defeat our adversaries. Actions that shrewdly dismantle the political infrastructure dooming us.

To achieve restorative outcomes, the 2022 election’s typical party line influences must be suspended. The massive issues weighing on us as voters must take center stage and become priority one. That means setting aside pettiness and partyism to zero in on our nation’s prosperity and perpetuity. They are why we voters are mercilessly bombarded with adversity, negativity, and turmoil every day. It is also why politicism has little to do with your vote. The truth is all of it is to corrupt your voting consciousness. They call it transforming culture’s consciousness but studying the human condition and its world crises shows corruption to be a more precise term. Look at this statement downloaded from the internet.

To pursue and achieve its recovery 21st century voters have been moved from campaigners campaigning for your good and your purposes and interests, to political aspirants campaigning for your sensationalism. Millions of dollars are spent hyping you up over scandals to distract you from the systemic demolishment of our land. Evil reports, unfounded accusations, and assorted devious misdirects hoodwink you into voting social reengineers’ conscience and distorting your own. You are being asked today to vote on unfounded, uncontestable, unprovable, and unverifiable machinations that talk you out of faith in your land and into the faith of its subversives. Subtly, your permission and authorizations are retooled to undo you and yours, and your state. How? By cunning redefinitions that redesign how you think about who you are and have been as an Oklahoman Republican.

Devious disarming you of the single power that assures your future. That is the potency of your voter wisdom and integrity. The ruse downgraded your intelligent thinking to irrational emotionality. In effect, your emotions were radicalized to inflame your feelings at the expense of your critical thinking. All to demean your heritage, dissolve your destiny and pervert your judgment. I will revisit critical thinking repeatedly to strip away the passions of our destroyers from deep rooted beliefs and values. Doing so consistently gives you an insightful look at their conflict with your liberty.

If you are anywhere the thinker that I am, and I have found that most of us are, you would have to ask yourself what do you get out of all of this as an Oklahoman as a parent? A citizen as a community and cherished for one of two reasons to rescue your state and recover from the bombardment of hostility and dismantling that has it's been suffering or you're being asked to continue to enjoy the fears and the confetti of surrender. For this has been a most intoxicating time for your emotion while your wisdom and your logic are being starved and they are still working, but they are starved your election of whomever you are choose. has everything to do with the Oklahoma of tomorrow. It has everything to do with the age-old battle of light versus darkness. Good versus evil, life versus death. Now before you jump to the I am not a religious person. And I don't want religion in my politics, which is what was taken advantage of that particular contention. You should know you do want light you do want life. You do want truth and righteousness. You may not want the rituals, many of which are questionable anyway. You may not want the praying but in fact you do. I would challenge you to take a straw poll of your emotional hopes and dreams and aspirations and stroke count how many times you wish and you hope and let it be in your conversation without a pulpit and without a Pew so I just wanted to give you that as the beginnings of a fresh perspective, because everything that we are being pummeled with today in this election season, and this critical time is about perception and perspective. And you've been told it, you've been told it's been perception and perspective. Not truth, not facts. Not accuracy, just perception and perspective. Now, ask yourself what is your perspective on every other thing in your life? Because using bringing everything down to those two words actually say it's all about a fairy tale.

It's all about an imagination. So you're imagining your children are being academically and Scholastically molested. That's an imagination. Because you say potato I say potato. All of this is what you have been wrestling with. So much so you don't realize that you have been hooded there's been a hood thrown on your head. You've been taken from your world, the real world and thrown into the perception prospective menagerie or fantasy? Because that's what you are. And I think that when you have an opportunity to step back from it all you're going to ask yourself some very interesting questions. Hopefully, before you go to the voters. Vote box this this year, you're going to ask yourself, am I voting for someone's imagination or a real solution? Will my vote in April the last vestiges of a heinous plan to put a nail in our nice our state's coffin or what I as a responsible enlightened voter. Use my privilege to forestall the darkness that is raging beneath the surface. Do I want that darkness to be contained? Or do I want to give it the power of office? Because all of those things are what you're going to ask yourself the day after the election. Did I rescue my state? Or did I sign off on it surrender to hostile and egregious force forces. This conversation with you today is not about a political party. Maybe in six years, if we still have the chance, and if there is still an America, we might get back to those sweet moments. of my party, your party. My God, I see your ideology. We might do that. But that is not what election 2022 is about. It is about you deciding to be the voter that rescues your state. Not just your party, your state that rescues your education, rescues your children. You already know what they're going to teach your children they have told you will you be a rescuer or surrender they have told you what they're going to do with your state house with your legislature. You have been told you're warned. And it's really sad that history proves that you can warn an endangered person or an endangered group of the jeopardy of them going one way or net or the other at the fork of the road of life. And they will ignore the warning because people have been trained to think that what they do only affects themselves and their world. We you vote so that your party wins. Not that your state thrives or rises. You vote so that you can get your share of the state's wealth or if I saw a nation, a nation or nations well, you vote for your your access to benefits and all of that and you don't read the fine print. So the big print carries you away. And the fine print is what you regret after the ink is dried. My hope is that this year we go after what what is really at stake and that is your rescue of a land of a state of a government under siege. After you've read this, do yourself a really big favor and study siege and compare what you learn to the media reports to the hasty, hostile legislature that's seeking to dislodge you from the life you believe it from the liberty that you perceive. Compare your liberty to the Liberty that's being taken. But most of all to the year 2023 and beyond because that is what you're doing. You're determining if your state will be alive with hope and charity and prosperity or alive with wickedness, intoxication, oppression and suffering because we see the inklings of that now. We see hints of that indicators of that. Now. You don't have to be a political genius to look at the fact that people make up politics and their experience versus their hope is always what's on trial. So you've been given a false picture of a painted experience. That's not going to happen. If you don't become a rescue my state rescue my nation voter. You're this is rescue. And when you do that, I want you to do the last part. I'm asking you to do the very last thing and that is pull out all of the political genre you have every piece of propaganda literature, every campaign statement, pull that out and lay that aside. What's actually happening now when you do there, I want you to have a tip sheet, and I want you to strike out scandal accuracy and prove that isation unfounded nonsense, essential, unimportant, and I want you to extract that and I want you to lay all of those things that you extract against the Democratic agenda. That is waiting to be unleashed on you see this, I use the word unleashed because that's exactly what's going to happen. And ideology is about to be unleashed on you through the process of voting, so I want you to lay it against that and then revisit your candidates. Let's revisit Governor Stitt. Let's revisit joy, Hofmeister. Let's revisit not the parties first the people and what they've been doing and and their contribution to the state this deterioration rating today. You can do this yourself. If you decide to do it as a family all together all the better if you choose to do it as a community, even better, but the point is, you are not the traditional voter this year. This year. You're a rescuer. Or your surrender. And when you surrender you will use unleash all of the sea beds of destruction or will you in fact, stand firm and become the rescuer who joined the fight to keep your state as great as it has been and make it greater than what has ever been? Because you already know what your governor is doing. But you have to do is take the lies off of his career off of his surface. If you just peel off the lies, it's a settled deal. But if we're going to keep the frosting of these lies and deceit and all of these other things that campaigners have to do because they don't have a track record because they don't have a history because they are running on hope and a wish. If that's going to be your approach, then I promise you that 2023 will be for Oklahoma. More more finite than it has been for the United States of America. Under Joe Biden.

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