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Buffalo, Texas, Shootings: Disguise Political Massacre

Hi Family,

Somewhat in the vein of “Change the Narrative”, my most recent post, is also “Change the Focus” concerning it. I am referring to the shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Texas, and the recent revival of white cops shooting black men media mantra. At the outset, let me say to you that my deepest condolences go out to the families of the shooting victims. I cannot conceive the horror and agony the victims’ families must be enduring right now. To be expected questions of why inflame anger at the irrationality of the pretensive indiscriminate slaughter of their loved ones. No one can accurately comprehend the devastating trauma such horrific inhumanity sparks. I use the phrase inhumanity to highlight the political savagery, for what it is. Cruel ploys are meant to shift our attention away from who and what is behind them, and why they keep happening.

This is why my take on these crises, curiously wonders why they always tend to be politically timed. Hear me out before reacting because if you do not, these precious lives will have been lost in vain. Which is something none of us wants. What we need is to have our questions answered. We need to uncover causes and motivations. With the clear-headedness to plow through our grief and neutralize the massacres plaguing our society today. As you read on, please bear these aims in mind.

Before continuing, let me start by praying for everyone who lost someone in the latest rash of senseless killings, as well as for those who suffered such losses before them. I ask God for your peace, despite the grief weighing on you right now. I ask Him to give you the grace and the strength to weather this storm as you press through what lies ahead of you. I further ask the Lord to send His angels to comfort you and also to raise up interveners to guide you through it. The last thing I ask the Lord for on your behalf is for sufferers of these atrocities to support and encourage those who will root out the dark shadows contriving these massacres. I pray Almighty God raises up officials to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, in Jesus' name, amen.

I deliberately used dark shadows because wickedness in high places lurks in the dark subversively preying on our country and its citizens for political aspirations. Here is why I say so. I recently gave a speech entitled “This Ain't That”, and, went on to coin the phrase. 1Contextually, it compares 19thand 20thcentury Jim Crow racism to today’s politically expedient retro version of it. However, this ain't that, considering the disparities between the two, beginning with the estate of the Black race back then versus today. And the bigoted spirit of our country back then. For sure without question, there is much residual racism to be neutralized. Still, I can attest that modern race baiting pales in comparison to the legalized racism back then. To be fair and triumphant, we must start with true like-for-like comparisons when probing sources and saboteurs. The only way to isolate true racial injustice.

Racial massacres are not new to our country2. But what most citizens fail to realize is that they are strategized, which makes them that much more heinous. Frustrated people mobilizing to protest injustice is hardly a phenomenon. To succeed, every protest group needs several things in place: A leader, funders, galvanizers, and catalysts. The recent killings are no different. Those who use our historical origins as pawns of political advantage do so to shift our attention from their demolishing America schemes. While change does require force, it is the character and end goals of that change that should be brought into question here. Why is it always the minorities that are slaughtered and paraded across news networks as dispensable? Looking back over the last decade, minorities are the main ones massacred for politicians and officials to leverage their campaigns. Stepping out of the shadows themselves, exploiters pretending outrage inflame the situation for approval ratings and votes. Promising to use their positions to end the pattern once and for all. Their promises prove themselves to be empty vows that recycle themselves every election season. I surmise such is the case with this latest round of mostly minority massacres. This time it is Biden and his regime exploiting the shootings by seizing the opportunity to deceive the public. Vowing retribution that will never come, he hopes to revive tattered public trust in his governance.

The tactic has become so frequent that it is almost institutional. Suggesting the recent killings should be eyed with disgust and suspicion. All of the massacred souls slain on the altar of political expedience, election, reelection campaigns, or socio-cultural engineering have chosen minorities as acceptable losses. Penetrating such deception shows a repugnant campaign to annihilate us as a nation. My prayer is that the devisers of these despicable stratagems are exposed. I pray their veils are disintegrated and their masks are stripped away. I pray their paths of betrayal are disclosed and traced back to conspirators inciting unstable minds to commit such crimes. I further pray media outlets to sensationalize and champion such massacres are made to answer for their complicity in such gruesome campaign strategies. Such is what I pray as I seek God’s peace for those who have suffered losses in these killings.

Because of all this, I ask you, better yet urge you, to redirect your pain and pray with me to unmask the shadow culprits bent on using civil unrest to dismantle our nation, at the cost of human lives. I further ask you to petition the Almighty to avenge the sacrificial lambs slaughtered to detonate civil disruptions that mask their evil intent.

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