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Event Theme:

God Starts Everything with a Prophet:

Are You Ready for God's Future? 

June 16-19, 2021

Hosted by Dr. Paula Price

Dr. Paula Price, author of the bestselling The Prophets' Dictionary and Prophet's Handbook hosts the Tulsa Prophetic Training Institute. 

Why You Should Attend the

Tulsa Prophetic Training Institute:


To get answers for God's actions and intents from yesterday

and today, and for tomorrow.

To learn and understand what went wrong and how we got here.


To course-correct God's oldest ministry institution

so you benefit from it. 


To learn how to recognize true and false prophetics.


To find your place and unveil your prophetic self.


Event Training Topics:


God Starts Everything with a Prophet: Are You Ready for God's Future? Prophets You're Up!


How and Why God Relies on Prophets for His Initiatives:

Bring Your Prophets Mantle to Step into Your Office.


Prophesying, Prophecy, Prophesiers:

The truth about Divine Communications.


Why God created the Prophet's Office: 

Going from Office to Giftings.


Separating the False from the True:

Can You Tell the Difference Between Prophecy and Divination?


What's Involved


Teaching and training.

Answers and solutions.

Connections and Collaborations.

Enactments and assessments and more...


Register your teenagers for our

TPTI Youth Conference:


Youth Conference Theme- God Starts Everything with a Prophet: Preparing to be Utilized in God’s Future


Youth Training Topics

How to deal with God talking to you.

How to know if you are prophetic.

Can you still be in God’s future if you are not a prophet?



When do you need to arrive?

Official ceremonies begin at 7PM on Wednesday, June 16th. Event workshops and classes will kick off on

Thursday, June 17th at 8AM. 

Event Schedule:

Wednesday - Opening Ceremony

Thursday Day: TBA

Thursday Evening: TBA

Friday Day: TBA

Friday Evening: TBA

Saturday: Closing Session


How far is the airport from the hotel?

The airport is about a 25-minute drive from the hotel in normal/light traffic. The Hyatt Place does not provide  shuttle service from the airport.

*On Saturday all registrants are invited to a post-event, open lunch with Dr. Paula Price, speakers and ministers. The location is usually announced at the event, Saturday morning.

Workshops + Seminar Style Day Sessions

The day sessions at this year's are comprised of seminar-style workshops with our speakers. Registrants are encouraged to bring laptops or tablets for note taking. Outlets will be provided, however travel size extension cords are recommended. Get to each workshop on time for the best seating.

Daily Worship and Prayer

Each day begins with a 6AM First Watch prayer session (open to all registrants) and 8AM Praise and Worship.

Registration Information

Online registration closes on TBD

 Walk-in registration is allowed. 

Buy One, Get One Free............$150

(Feb 22nd - Apr 30th)

Buy One, Get One 50% Off.........$225

(Mar 23th -Apr 30th)

Early Bird Rate..........................$115

Feb 22nd - Apr 30th)

Standard Rate...................$150

(May 1st - June 15th)


NEAR Member..................$85*



(Member rates applicable through

May 1st)

COMEE Member.........$85*

(Member rates applicable through

May 1st*)

TPTI Youth Rate.........$65

(Member rates applicable through

May 1st*)

Price U Student................$89*

(Student rates applicable through

May 1st*)

Group Rates/Ticketing

Groups of 5 or More.......$89/per person

Groups of 10 or More.....$75/per person

20 or More......................$50/per person

No refunds given on event registrations.

Event registration fees may not be exchanged

for something else. Please take note of this when registering.

* Please Note, NEAR, COMEE and PU Student Rates require

a special  discount code for rates to apply. 



7100 E. 31st St.

Tulsa, OK 74145

Event Hotel - Guest Room Block 

Room Accomodations

Hyatt Place

7037 South Zurich Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74136, USA

T +1-918-491-4010

F +1-1-918-497-2053

Room Block Code: TPTI



Schedule based on Start/Stop Times

Wednesday, June 16th - 7pm - 10pm

Thursday - Friday, June 17th - 18th - 8am - 10pm

Saturday, June 19th - 9am - 1pm*

*On Saturday all registrants are invited to a post-event dinner, open lunch with Dr. Price, speakers and ministers. The location will be announced at the event on Saturday.