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Stats & Facts About President Trump's Advancements for the Black Community, Racial Crime Statistics and the Truth Behind Obama's Administration
Why Obama's Presidency Didn't Lead to Black Progress | Manhattan Institute

Trump signs bill restoring funding for black colleges


Pastor says he faced backlash over meeting with Trump

Biden Crime Bill Gaffes Compilation

(Donald Trump calls coronavirus 'kung flu' again)

(BET Founder Robert Johnson On President Donald Trump's Economy | CNBC)

(Trump’s full statement on the violence in Charlottesville)

(Joe Biden: Not Ashamed Of The 1994 Crime Bill | Speakeasy | CNBC)  

(1996: Hillary Clinton on "superpredators" (C-SPAN)

(Yikes! After being called Racist - Trump Revisits Clinton's Comments About Black 'Superpredators')

(Bishop Wooden Monologue 1-26-20 "Controversial & Extreme Views?")​

(Ice Cube Explains Donald Trump's Appeal to Americans)​

(Trump Honors African Americans at White House)

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