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Spiritual Advocacy

& Consultancy

with Dr. Paula Price

What is Spiritual Advocacy?  

Spiritual Advocacy is Spiritual Intervention. It is where one of God’s authorized experts come alongside a promising or prosperous executives or professional leader to bring His powers, wisdoms, and invisible agents and agencies to bear on opposing forces. 

Dr. Paula Price’s Spiritual Advocacy program is complex of spiritual and practical services decidedly Christian and expressly apostolic and prophetic in nature and dynamics. What this means to you as a potential or present client of her advocacy is that any and all deliverables and communicable content will based on or influenced by the word of God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.


In this respect, the advocate consultancy will include or be laced with scripture based subject matter and wisdom. Its spiritual guidance will be significantly influenced by Jesus Christ’s teachings and models for success in His ecclesial and secular realms.

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Booking for Events/Speaking Engagements

Dr. Price is available for nearly any event or seminar you may be hosting, large or small. Her experience, wisdom and expertise bring fresh revelation and a transformative results to each unique and diverse event. Now, you can book Dr. Price for your next onsite conference, or design your own live webinar with Dr. Price as your guest speaker! Online or onsite, we'll help you bring Dr. Price in for your special event.

How Can Dr. Paula Price Help My Organization?

  • Empower Your Leadership Team
  • Transition Your Church to Apostleship
  • Reconstruct Your Organization
  • Identify Your Organization's Purpose
  • Help Your Church Get a Hold of Your Vision
  • Train Your Five-Fold Officers
  • Conduct Mantle-specific modules and special programs unique to your ministry vision
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