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Constructing the Contemporary Prophet
Mastery Class Training Program

Prophetic Tech: Technique and Technology to Combat and Dismantle the Darkness

Program Overview

Program Qualifications

To qualify for consideration of the Constructing the Contemporary Prophet Program you must first 1) Be classified as a Prophet on the MAQ and 2) Be classified as an Intermediate or Advanced Prophet on PAQ (not manifesting prophetically, but in the office). If you do not meet these qualifications but want training, visit or call 877.419.1299 and schedule an Inquiry Call with our University's Academic Dean.

Since the Prophet’s Mantle is going to be greatly upgraded and vastly distributed in these last days, it behooves you who are called to it (and those who will encounter it) to be informed on the intricacies of this highly dynamic office. Its resurgence will no doubt mean counterfeits and abuses of the office will abound also. Error and naiveté could cause the next major work God is doing to be stagnated, frustrated, or even thwarted by Satan if God’s people continue along their present dark path in spiritual matters. Much of what he needs to accomplish in this time could very well be prevented by the very ones who need it most simply because they labor under lack of knowledge and limited divine insight and prudence.

Therefore, this material was prepared to ready the body for the rapidly approaching mass of prophets about to emerge; genuine, fearless, and uncompromising souls who will not hesitate to fulfill their call and execute their authority to the fullest extent; men and women who are undeniably vessels of the highest concentration of God’s power ever to be seen in human vessels. They are chosen by Him to be used mightily by the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ because of their unflinching manner of delivering God’s truth and unwavering determination to absolutely obey and submit to Him. They are remarkable, unique people who over the past ten to twenty years have been in the background, some underground, learning, growing, and being stringently cultivated by the Lord for this very time and hour in history.


This is a time when the full power of God is needed and will be witnessed like never before.  God will use ordinary men and women to do it: men and women who will succeed because of their allegiance to and their faith in Him. Such people will be unquestionably transformed into the manifest supernatural children of God, the sons and daughters all creation has been groaning and waiting for. 

Program Objectives

  1. Introduce you to the scriptural prophet. 

  2. Provide you insight on the mission and aim of prophets as God ordained. 

  3. Teach you how to discern and recognize the prophet of God in action. 

  4. Give you tools and tips that will help you verify and qualify contemporary prophets. 

  5. Give you prophecy fundamentals and their diverse anointings and various executions. 

  6. Enable you to be used by God in his prophetic assignments. 

  7. Enlighten you on the Lord’s prophetic orders, classes, groups, realms, and authority. 

  8. Inform you of the conflict with the prophet and the occult. 

  9. Provide you with comparisons for distinguishing true and false prophecy. 

  10. Allow you to better receive and grasp the value of prophetic messages. 

  11. Enable quality training of contemporary prophets.

  12. Validate the ministries of present-day prophets. 

Are You Interested?

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