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Why I Don't Do Valentines Day!

Dr. Paula A. Price 

Valentine’s Day is a great day for sellers, and sadly seducers, so I’m not in favor of celebrating it. Scripture and history give practical and spiritual reasons why Valentine’s Day contradicts our faith in Jesus Christ. The greatest of all reasons it does so is the first commandment where God declares “I am the Lord your God, and you shall have no other gods before me.”


When I got saved, Jesus wasted no time letting me know what that means to Him, and for me. Hours of Scripture study and deep communion taught me how to reverence more than merely relate to our Heavenly Father. And it all began with putting God first, something millions of Christians claim but few know how to do. His idea of coming first and humans’ idea of it is drastically different, not because they don’t want to or mean it when they claim it. Most fail to understand what putting God first involves. It doesn't just mean “ahead of or in front of us and everything else.” It also means converting our world and passions to what makes Him foremost and highest in our everyday existence. Celebrating Valentine’s Day prevents such a heart vow, no matter how sincere and passionate that one may be about it. The reason is its deity. Valentine’s Day serves a false god, one of the fallen angels the Lord banished from His sanctuary and thus His world.


To worship an accursed being as one of His children is idolatry in God’s book. Celebrating anything that offers a “false god”, or an “idol” worship and homage sends the wrong message to our Redeemer Jesus Christ. No matter how superficial we mean it to be, worshipping any other God but the one that saved us contradicts our faith in the presence of His visible and invisible beings; that is, angels and humans. Here are other practical reasons that make our point.


The first is the message Christ’s church sends. The implications of churches celebrating Valentine's Day as if it’s a God-ordained Christian holiday is misleading and corruptive. It suggests Jesus assigned the holiday to the church as one of His rituals or worst yet, His sacraments. Both are untrue. One may take issue with Christmas or Easter, but the fact is the God of creation did incarnate and die and rise again. The death culture of Valentine’s day can never compare or compete with these two realities, and make no mistake about it, February 14th may commemorate a real event. It just commemorates death; not the life our Savior brought to the planet. His victory over death is why we have Christianity on the earth today. That brings me to the second reason why I am not in favor of churches promoting or celebrating Valentine’s Day. The practice of having their singles group take trips together, or spend a romantic evening together feeds a demonic ritual. One concocted and peddled by a fallen angel masquerading as a deity.


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Woman of God, you ministered so powerfully today – it was truly a defining moment in my life.

Thank you for your service to the kingdom – may God forever increase and enlarge your territory.

Woman of God, you ministered so powerfully today – it was truly a defining moment in my life.

Thank you for your service to the kingdom – may God forever increase and enlarge your territory.

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